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Wire Drawing Machines Video

Special Features




Wire Inlet Diameter

φ5.5mm to φ8.0mm

Wire Material 

Mechanically de-scaled, hot rolled Low Carbon Steel.

Max. Wire Speed 

3 M / Sec

Wire centre height from ground

900 mm

Wire flow Direction

Left to Right Viewed from the front of the machine. 


Basically Modular Brush De-Scaling Machine is used for removal of residual scale which is left out during mechanical de-scaling from the wire rod surface. Thus, it cleans the wire rod surface and prepares the wire rod for Coating process.

4Nos. motorized, steel brush discs rotating parallely to the wire rod against the wire rod direction are used to perform this operation. The brushes are projecting from the Face of the rotating disc.

The Machine consists of 2 Modules with each two brush heads. First module is placed 45 Degree inclined to the horizontal plane, while the Second module with the same design is placed 90 degree inclined to the First Module. By this arrangement a constant and complete 360 Degree de-scaling on the wire rod is achieved. Thus, the process ensures the removal of residual scale from the surface of the wire.