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Wire Drawing Machines Video




Wire Inlet Diameter

φ5.5mm to φ8.0mm

Wire Material 

Hot Rolled Low Carbon Steel

Max. Wire Speed 

3 M / Sec

Wire centre height from ground     


Wire flow Direction                        

Left to Right Viewed from the front of the machine.                                                             




Basically Modular Mechanical De-scaling machine is used to break the scales formed on the surface of steel rods through combined rod bending and reverse twisting on two sets of 3Nos. HCHC pulley assly.



Normally during cooling process of rod cooled coils, the calamine forms on the steel rod surface, which is mix up layers of 3rd oxides with different characteristics and   are listed as below:

  1. Top surface Hematite (Fe2O3)          –  Red colour                 –  Hardness V = 1030
  2. Middle surface Magnetite (Fe3O4)   -  Black colour                –  Hardness V = 420 to 500
  3. Inner surface Wustite (FeO)             – Grey / Black colour    –  Hardness V = 270/350

Then inner most metal steel.



The quantity of each layer depends on the storing of rod coil at different temperatures and atmosphere. Generally the rods with good mechanical de-scalability, scale proportion shall be in between 0.6% to 1% of rod weight. The rod coils less than the above proportion shall be with more elastic oxides and difficult to remove by Mechanical De-scaling.

The following process classification with respect to the relative scale thickness shall be used as guideline for processing the rod coils.

  1. Mechanical De-scaling for scale thickness above 15 microns.
  2. Both Mechanical de-scaling and chemical cleaning for scale thickness 10 to 15 microns.
  3. Chemical cleaning / pickling for scale thickness less than 10microns.