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Compact Scrap Wire Winder φ 550
Model : ES550

Scrap Wire Dia

Max. 8 mm

Material of Scrap Wire

Low, Medium, High Carbon steel & Stainless Steel.
Non-Ferrous – Copper Aluminium EC & Alloy Scrap Material.

Compact Scrap Roll Dimension

Φ 550 mm x 800 mm wide.

Max. Compacted Roll Weight

100 to 150 Kgs for Steel & Copper.
30 to 50 Kgs for Aluminium & Alloy Aluminium

Fitted Main Power

3.7 KW, 415 V, 3 Ph & 50HZ

Hydraulic Power Pack

0.75 KW, 415 V, 3 Ph & 50HZ

Winder rpm

34 rpm, Solenoid Voltage = 110 V.A.C

Weight of the Machine

2800 kgs (Approx.)

Overall Dimensions of the Machine

Approx. 2600 mm Long x 1500 mm Wide x 1950 mm Height.



The optimization of Scrap’s bulk in respect to its weight, allows a substantial increase of the Scrap Value in the sale ( The Weight to bulk ratio is increased higher than 30% compared to the value of the non-compacted scrap)


The scrap winder –ES550 reduces rod and wire scrap into compact rolls easy to handle, store loading on to the tracks and feeding into steel mill.


ES 550 is Equipped with tamper free safety devices. Front extension of the machine allows the operator to stand clear from the scrap dragging in area so that he can keep a full visual and safe control of the machine during operation.


ES 550 is compact frame, equipped with fool proof safety devices, allow it to be used inside the factory in close proximity of the production area.


Designed and proven to optimize performance, reliability and simplicity during operation in a user friendly and safe environment. ES 550 makes rolls with standard dimensions and weight. A safely device avoids makes over sized rolls, and the possible problems of getting hang up during the discharging of the roll.


The machine comprises of a sturdy steel structure housing the following Units:


Head Stock spindle with geared motor drive unit Hydraulically retractable type.


Hydraulically operated Top pressure roller unit.


Hydraulically Operated Roll Pusher / Discharge Unit.


Hydraulic power pack for controlling the retracting, compacting & pushing cylinders.


Front Extension of the machines and removable covers from all sides.